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220 MHz Licensees

Cornerstone SMR, Inc. has FCC licenses covering approximately 85% of the population of the United States, between Mexico and Canada, mostly east of the Rocky Mountains and in the southwest. If you have a special mobile radio communication need, or if you are a dealer interested in working with Cornerstone, you are encouraged to call our communication solutions team at (866) 290-8185, ext. 220 or email us at info@cornerstonesmr.com. We will work with you to craft a custom communication solutions that best fit your needs.

If you are a 220 MHz licensee and wish to do business with Cornerstone, call (866) 290-8185 to discuss business opportunities. You may also send us an email at info@cornerstonesmr.com with your interests and please include your contact information.

License(s): WPCY425